You’re a Super Hero in Normal Clothes….

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You’re a Super Hero in Normal Clothes….

You’re a super hero in normal clothes.

You’re a gladiator with a models pose.

You’re in touch with your cosmic self

Your energy abilities take away my breath


Here you are. Humble, shy, unsure at times, recklessly disorganized.  But these things, they make you oh  so real.

Delicate and powerful. Strong and at times knowing its okay to be weak. Pushing through veils one by one. A stronger

and more balanced you. I watch…in awe. So full of pride.

The eyes of a soul I’ve always known. The touch of a hand I know I’ll grow old with.

Ghost buster, dog whisperer, mom, wife, but most importantly a person who wakes up wanting to change the world.

Believing we can, never compromising…..

A puzzle piece we needed to unite as “one” showed up on our doorstep with the morning sun.

We leapt, and the net by god…it appeared

Deeply in love in ways I could never fathom.

I love you Sunniva

(Facebook status posted September 18th after I had the first line in my head while mopping and quietly grabbed my phone to get that out..and as usually the case a few more lines followed. She is all this and more.)

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  1. Supermom=supercool!

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