You Change the World, by Changing You……

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You Change the World, by Changing You……

Growing up with this deep voice of “I want to change the world”. I have often been misguided, without purpose, driven, lost in a cycle of trying to release conditions and find “me”……..

A few decades past  a deep  understanding of “self actualization” I greatly understand one thing.

While I wanted to change the world, I have found that I do it by changing me. When I become more whole, at peace, balanced…… science is now catching up and showing, I send an energy field out of balance, healing,  and peace.

You want to change the world, with an open mind and deep resolve to take action, start to do The Great Work which consists of “Knowing Thyself” and by knowing thyself….we come to know the world.

It’s easy for some to rationalize and over intellectualize things like forgiveness as unnecessary because it means we are acknowledging a “right and wrong”, healing wounds as not part of a path if you just “remove yourself from the idea they exist”, etc  but the truth is IN MY OWN EXPERIENCE the miracles lie on the other side of facing the tough stuff right here on Earth.

The power of healing and growth is …..hard to put into words. We know when we reach a breakthrough point, one that is almost always preceded by some chaos means a new, more complex of mapping system in our head will develop and be able to handle more, deeper peace, deeper understandings.

Never try to just be okay or master one mapping system of thought, realize the dark and light (all aspects of who we are)  and pain and struggles if seen correctly, is seen as teaching tools, mean a more complex one will take it’s place. “Growth”….heavy loads of “growth” lie on the other side of that chaos.

I did so desperately want to “change the world” my entire life.  How powerfully simple that the real way we do it is to deeply “change ourself” to be a better and more full person who works on unlocking the Divine Source we all carry inside us.

Every person of every creed, every religion, and every corner of this planet has the same potentiality, same energy binding us together.

Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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