Our Vision

Solgave is more than a blog, more than a brand; it’s the dream that Sunniva and I began carving out shortly after meeting.  From the first week of our unique union, living on a narrow boat, some things magically aligned.

On a sheet of paper we began to take notes on what would define Solgave: healing, synergy, transformation, nature, animals, travel, children, to name a few. When it came to the name of our company we spent a couple of weeks trying to come up with a word that we could use to define the meaning of our culture, a word not known to many. Sunniva means, “gift from the sun,” or “Solgave” in Norwegian and the name instantly resonated with me because of its uniqueness.

As for our future, I would not be surprised to see Sunniva on a TV show like the Dog Whisperer with one of her idols Cesar Millan one day or have her own to be completely honest, but as we discern between the “big dreams” and the layers of what we hope to do with our website I think Sunniva has a big potential to reach people and help them using her  “reading” abilities to connect pet and animal owners in a variety of ways.  People with abilities like hers have “reached” horses to see why they may not be putting on weight properly or are rejecting an owners commands as a couple of brief examples.  We hope to enhance our site and allow interaction with her via this medium to be able to Skype potential clients as well as share insights via her writing and experiences along with interactions via comments.

I am finishing up my BS in psychology while still living in Sweden and keeping an inspired eye on the future. My hope is to see us have a brick and mortar business together using some of the things that define our life, and let me help brand and build that. I’m also on a very inspired and powerful transition period in life where writing has been therapeutic. Through some good luck I’ve been able to use “Lessons from Abroad” and see it turned into a podcast, and hope to complete my first E-Book this fall.

Most important to this vision and us though, is a realization that life is a gift, and one to be cherished.  Our family is young, our heart is open to ideas on how we are best served and both promise each other to enhance and promote each other’s strengths. While we both are dreamers, we believe in this dream strong enough to see it through.

Solgave and how we can impact the world best is something again, that we cannot define but a promise we can make is to give you everything we’ve got, authentically and with passion.  Life is really about chasing the dream as much as finding it isn’t it?