Veteran’s Day – Thank You….

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Veteran’s Day – Thank You….

Thank you for all those that have served and are serving our country.


I am one who will lean heavily today to just sticking to “honor” those that have served, have lost their lives, or are currently serving to protect my freedoms.


These are freedoms I may seem to take for granted, as a blazing liberal who at times has been very outspoken about the “costs” of war, but make no mistake, I reconcile my ability to write this blog to the sacrifice of so many before me.


My relatives served long ago, but I am surrounded by grandfathers, and uncles and many others in the family who served.


To honor some directly my grandpa Ritter was part of a group (I may get corrected) that stormed the beaches of Normandy.


My grandpa on my mom’s side,  Guy Deaton was a sergeant in the Korean War and one of my early childhood heroes.  His son, my uncle and mom’s brother was a PFC and spent several years in Germany and other places during his 4-6 years served.


My Uncle John retired as a Lt Colonel and was a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. The photos these guys share in a group I’m in are just awesome. I am deeply humbled and sense the energy of that tribe and really respect what they went through and how much it impacts them today. He is still with us!

And so is my Uncle Ivan who I just saw at that family reunion a few weeks ago. He was a Colonel and retired in the military.


On my step dad’s side John Fillebrown is a great uncle and Sergeant in the Army during WW2 and Thornton Fillebrown was a Chief Petty Officer Navy WW2 and killed in action battle of Guadalcanal aboard USS Duncan.


Parker Fillebrown was in the Spanish American War to go back further.


Great Uncles on that side.


Mervin Adair was Chief Pharmacists Mate Navy WW2 Pacific Theater.

Phillip Adair was Lt Colonel Army Air Corps and later Air Force during WW2 and fighter pilot who saw serious battle to say the least and was awarded the Silver Star for an amazing single handed fending off of a group of attacking fighters and bombers.  This is just one notch below the Congressional Medal of Honor.


I am missing plenty of people, but it’s nice to take the time today to think of these people in my own family, even the two new owners of our company Solgave Animal Solutions are both Gulf Veterans who met during active duty in Afghanistan so it’s all around me today and I feel safe to say partly due to my spiritual path, I do not want to spend a moment on anything but HONORING all the people that have allowed me to be me.


To write blogs against the government or views I don’t like without fear of going to jail for doing such.


War is complex and today I’m not going to spend time on that part of it, again a deep thank you from my heart to yours for my friends, relatives and anyone that has taken the time to serve and sacrifice for our freedoms.


“On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free.” – Dan Lipinski

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