There is Only One Constant in Life – Change…..

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There is Only One Constant in Life – Change…..

One constant in life…change.

I am a person who thrives on change; yet realize some part of my core holds on to things as if it’s needed for me to breathe.

Is it loyalty? Is it honor? Is it codependency?

People “hold on” to things for a variety of reasons. Some can’t let go of that stray cat, or a box of random items on the shelf that have no real purpose, extreme examples of this are “hoarders” like we see on the TV show, other examples are people who can’t let go of friendships or relationships even if they lose any healthy purpose in your life.

Again, is it loyalty, honor, code, fear? I notice that many people when they let go of something or somebody has what I call heavy “residual effects” and for the longest time, even that effected me.

I’m now realizing those ripples or residuals are their mirrors, their chance to learn whatever it is triggering them.

Life is a long road. Many seasons come and go.  Different towns, jobs, experiences, friends, perceptions that change, people that will change around you, and by god if you set out on a path of self discovery that has one purpose, becoming the best, most pure shade of you, you will create waves.

First phase is waves of disturbance. The turbulence that comes from the DECISION to make these changes, will hit everyone in boats near you pretty hard. “What the hell was that they are thinking?” as their boat rocks to the side.

Months down the road you still see some occasional ripples as you shed layers of the old you.  So their boat while dealing with their own waters, their own weather patterns if you will, still gets an occasional gust of wind from our metamorphosis.

9 months ago to the day I set out to do everything in my life differently.  Just prior to a chance visit with the woman who would become my wife, I knew deep in my soul that I was about to enter a completely new chapter of life.

I told most who knew me closely I’d like to go to S America or Africa in 2012 and just  get off  the grid and do some “service’ work for the soul.  I sit here today in Sweden, with a new wife, a step daughter, as a man who’s faced more fears and change and tough stuff in 9 months than the 9 years preceding it.

The reason it’s “tough” is because I’m facing it head on for the first time ever. We can rationalize, justify, objectify, or just flat out dodge wanting to get to that core of we are.

But this is where the light shines through us! We have to have this dark to see the light, we have to go through a PROCESS IN MY EXPERIENCE to become this new you. It is not just a decision, but rather a long, and arduous path of soul searching, self-discovery and inner work.

I’m here to tell you phase 1of this process is tough…you have to face those relationships, situations, and aspects of you that you avoided or clouded or justified for years…again, I only know my path, my experience, but phase 1 is filled with lots of highs and lows b/c of a new found appreciation and KNOWING of your purpose but because of the work required to pull weeds, to reset your mapping system, to change conditions in so many areas of your life, it’s not easy………

I’m entering phase 2 of this process.  You still get gusts of wind from time to time that make the boat nearly tip over some days, but you have a better sense of balance and knowing how to hold on.  It’ no longer about tying a knot at the end of the rope and holding on, today it’s about being in that space of balance and just hunkering down a bit more and letting that wind pass over.

Yeah…life is an experience for me, a rich one.

When I decided to be willing to change everything in my life 9 months ago, I was not naive in knowing how tough it would be, but as I enter phase 2 of this process,  I am proud to say thank God I did.

Thank you God, for allowing me the courage to do the hard work. To face the things I had avoided for so many years out of fear, out of comfort, out of habit.

Yep, you have to be hungry, you have to be ready, and you have to want it.

“Seek and ye shall find”

What this means to me today, is when you are ready to find God, Source, Universe, (whatever you want to call it) inside your own soul. When ready, be prepared that the decision is just a starting line of a long process.

Grateful this morning to start Phase 2 of the revolution in my own spiritual journey. A revolution I honor, I embrace, and I am willing to fight for.

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  1. Thank God for change! 😉

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