The Stars, my God..the Stars (spoken into my phone and typed out after walking the dogs)

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The Stars, my God..the Stars (spoken into my phone and typed out after walking the dogs)

The stars….my god, the stars.

You can’t imagine what they look like from this part of the world until you stand here.

All places have mystery and magic, but the Nordic land can place their flag in the sand

When it comes to the night sky.

They always connect us, from here to there.

Reminding us how little we are, what stardust and galaxies, and planets really are.

The same basic components, you know them from the chemistry chart.

If you listen real good, you can feel it in your heart.


No horns, no lights, no noises at all.

You want to just stand still and breathe in it all.

These are just some thoughts on a dog walk 48 hours in,

From a guy sharing words I was made to spin.


Words are fabric, they can be sewn with care.

But we must be careful, for they can also tear.


This journey for me is about to begin again, you see life is about layers, healing and growth, facing fears head on is recovery’s oath.


I’ve never owned all the layers,

Or exposed all the cracks, which left a porch light on for that fateful relapse. Today those that know me, they see the phoenix was real. It’s now time to continue this journey and lean into the fear.


It’s still a journey about one day at a time.

And aligning “thoughts words and deeds” so it stands to be more than  a rhyme.


Here we go…


The ice crunches beneath my feet.

Every step is as if I’ve never been so deep.

And by deep, I mean in the journey of recovery.

Of the spiritual soul, the place where people don’t ever grow old.

They grow wise, and kind, and say less and do more.


Right about now, I’m hitting the door.

Norge er i ferd med å gi meg det beste jeg noensinne har kjent.

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