The Power that Extends Beyond Silent Affirmations

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The Power that Extends Beyond Silent Affirmations

Inspire your friends and family man, to be the bloody best they can be. Just finishing a run something is always an unintentional “theme” for me, or idea I can’t get out of my head… Silent affirmations help subtly with the quantum physic based effect of intention (power of intention), but verbal affirmations do much more than that. When we hear or feel a genuine “You can do it” or “I believe you can…” it sends a unique type of vibration. So many of our closest friends are silent supporters whether it is a social cause or your own dream, but they are affirming it. I’m not saying this isn’t enough…again, great power in intended thoughts. TREMENDOUS POWER in calling, skyping, texting, hugging, or looking deep in another human’s eye to see the soul and saying “Well played.” 🙂 I think we, meaning me (as all my thoughts during runs are about becoming or trying to be a better shade of me) can do a better job of that. You want to experiment with pay it forward, then stop at the drive thru today at Starbucks and pay for the guy behind you. I’ve seen that chain go 20 cars back in terms of paying it forward (keeping that gift going and more importantly changing the pulse of the driver in terms of how they feel/believe in the world with a new tone of hope) all b/c of one guy said I’d be willing to try. Take a chance for your friends…. take a chance for you…but it won’t be worth keeping, if we don’t share, if we aren’t willing to give away what we’ve been given in life. You know what I mean?

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  1. What a beautiful Blog Jared and Sunniva (and little Gabi). I can’t wait to collar more with you.
    From my heart to yours,

  2. We should all take the time to lend encouraging words and sought after constructive feedback to those who write things that inspire and speak to us. This is tough because it requires us to slow down. When we are bombarded by all of this data at an ever-increasing rate, this could seem like mission impossible. For those of us who are opening ourselves up to the world thru social media sharing should consider various ways of obtaining feedback on our postings. What if we allowed audio responses to posts or provide an email address for responses or encourage people to call into a set time for a radio or video style talk time if we want to get meaningful feedback.

    • I agree with you so much Marta. Very innovative ideas on “responses” and we will definitely take note and keep thinking on ways to make use of very valid points. Thank you so much for taking the time to response!

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