The Path where Good Choices Meet Acceptance of Outcomes ….(Peace of Mind)

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The Path where Good  Choices Meet Acceptance of Outcomes ….(Peace of Mind)

Thoughts precede behavior changes, but even sooner is the energy that changes. We think or read a lot about how “change our thoughts” to change our reality (presumably through new behaviors) and I believe this is true on a black and white level.

But, our mind can be influenced by our thoughts which changes the energy we put out. I’m speaking of the energy the Dr spoke about in a patient room where one REALLY ANXIOUS PERSON can create anxiety in that entire room. It “leaps” from person to person.

So does fear. Fear of change. Fear of new people that are different. Fear of failure. Fear of new culture. Contagious not just on a philosophical level…on a literal level because of how energy influences our behaviors.

This carries over to every aspect of life, so learning to work on our only sense of deep control in this free will world (or choices we get to make), we can influence our energy by changing our thoughts. Thoughts change by a variety of ways… takes work. Especially the cunning ones that we can rationalize.The_greatest_gift

Nature is a deep metaphor for balance because she contains all aspects of who we are. But to dam up thoughts, emotions, or aspects of self (not healing wounds with clean bandages and pure water) can be catastrophic and at the very least, that energy influences the world around us, including people in that metaphorical Dr’s office, the web that binds us, and certainly we the ones with those thoughts.

A great and wonderful responsibility is to harness ones emotions and accept outcomes that we can’t control as “just being as they are”

My guide talks of free will or the power of our choices a lot, because we can’t sit idly by and let the Universe create growth or healing for us. It’s a path of intense action.


We have to put in “foot work” every day. On our selves, relationships that have meaning, moving, job hunting, serving, cooking, planning anything that you want to achieve….so in essence everything in the course of a day that we aspire to make better won’t do it through osmosis. I’m not a believer of those type of miracles, that’s just luck I suppose and bad luck will catch up eventually as well.fdf861e95d323582b7501c6f458d2467

But I DO BELIEVE that by doing good each day, finding a path of processes, a code of life, a manifesto, a personal ethos….then you do everything you can and a bit more some days to try to improve what you value, and here is the kicker….leave the results up to the Universe.

That’s the element of peace. The ridding of resentments. No more “poor me” but hey, I tried, I did my part and a new door may emerge or try again tomorrow.

So aspire to write that book, create that business, run that marathon……and do all you can today, just today, to make it happen and rest well tonight that things always go as they should if you see every situation as a lesson to learn.


“When you dig a well, there’s no sign of water until you reach it, only rocks and dirt to move out of the way. You have removed enough; soon the pure water will flow,” said Buddha.”
― Deepak Chopra​

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