The Journey Continues – 2 Weeks In..

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The Journey Continues – 2 Weeks In..

The Journey Continues….

After two full of weeks of sticking to a plan, it was refreshing on Sunday to slowly jog the Lake Fayetteville trail. To the seasoned runner, and my own memory banks of years past this seems like a small feat, but when reigniting anything it’s the small ones that mean the most.

The day on Sunday could not have been better. It wasn’t too hot or too cold and with Sirius as my running partner on long run days he makes the loop so much fun.

Physiologically, I think I felt as good or better Monday than I have since summer. We trained pretty hard in Sweden during the spring just by taking the horses out most days, hiking the rest, and working hard.

The fall got tougher on us as the timeline of leaving, the uncertainties, and stress that came with that mounted.

This has been a strange week and I’m writing a few days late because of it. As our business slowly grows, and more than grows, is changing direction a bit into a more aligned aspect of our gifts, talents, and blending of souls we continue to work as hard as we can on outreach. That outreach does not pay, but we realize months down the road it’ll reap big dividends if we stay at it.

So I spent 3 days this week doing physical work landscaping with a friend and his company and juggling that around our Tuesday/Thursday work days and night planning, marketing we do.

It felt great to be outside, and my body and mind are wired to need it, hence being drawn to some type of extreme element most of my life.

Still out of shape by most training standards, I am moving forward. After my long run Sunday (6.5 miles/slow jog) I hit the ground running with outdoor work my body also needed time to acclimate for.

Sore, tired, and just getting used to the new muscles being used I counted one day as a run day based on amount of movement.

I’ll be doing my 35-minute run before the rain today and look forward to the 1:45 run/walk on Sunday and with my extra physical work I think I’m still on track.

The best part of the journey for me now is the changes are slow, subtle, but consistent.

Every journey should be about taking one step in front of the other. Every journey should be about being flexible, having courage, faith, and testing oneself.

This never was about a race; this is a journey about getting mind/body/spirit back in balance and then not letting that balance go. (Or keeping it more in check)

I will get to spend 5 hours today at our midwife and if you don’t think the birth of my son (or daughter) is not inspiration to keep moving on days when you’d rather not jog than your mistaken.

Something powerful about pushing toward my next birthday. A landmark year. Something powerful about having my stepdaughter enters kindergarten. Something powerful about the birth of this baby reminding about the miracle of my own life.

The journey continues with circumstances this week that made running hard to do, but after today I think I’m back up to the required steps.

In a month from now I’ll feel more like a runner again physically, but I at least feel like someone who’s on their way towards something bigger than himself, and again it’s not a race, it’s the journey we call life.

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