Remembering the Miracles, Honoring the Debris…

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Remembering the Miracles, Honoring the Debris…

I have let many good mentors come in and out of my life. Not again.

Two things struck me yesterday while riding…

Oh how I wish some things could be different.   But if it happened too soon (embracing the path with full commitment) I risk a son not being born and the most important friendship/ guide I’ve ever had would not exist. So then how do you defend the debris? The destruction?

You can’t defend it, you just own it, and slowly clean it up. It’s important to remember that we can only change us, and if you believe in energies than a better you is a better family you are in, neighborhood you reside, country you live, planet to call home. It’s truly the greatest gift we can give the planet, is to find peace and harmony and love WITHIN. So often that journey is not easy, and hard to wrap ones head around. Alas…

I also believe I’m in space I’ve never been before and it took every situation to get here; which means I’ll be a better friend, son, person, husband, whatever role I take on is going to get a better shade..this is a paradox but a truth for those in recovery. Assuming we continue to do the “next right thing” and follow some simple suggestions. That part gets easy, the hard part is truly surrendering with no reservations of looking back. That was a long and winding road for me. But grateful it’s behind me now.

Clearing up the wreckage is not something we can choose to avoid, so no matter what you lose or who has been hurt, the cleanup process is the same, so you can hope to see some grace but don’t expect it.

We have to honor each new day as both a miracle, and a dedication to a contract we make with the universe to do our part…then we allow miracles and seeds to be planted all around us.

I believe this to be true. I love this way of life. After a wonderful talk with my mentor, I ponder why we fear chemical free lives.

“Better to have a known hell than an unknown paradise” is a saying we hear a lot. This is a true for any destructive pattern that traps people, whether eating too much, too little, spending too much, whatever “ism” one has, and idealism is one just like addiction as Carl Jung says.

This ties to the brain science coming out, patterns of familiarity, these patterns change, the brain changes in major ways. The human potential is so limited by our thoughts, beliefs, faith…..10% of the brain at best is being used and we become slaves to our own routines, until something, something large enough must break you in two until you are ready to rise up as the phoenix is said to have done.

One must perish, before the other is reborn….I understand this now….

“There are two questions a man must ask himself: The first is ‘Where am I going?’ and the second is ‘Who will go with me?’

If you ever get these questions in the wrong order you are in trouble.”
― Sam Keen, Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man

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