Perspective is a Funny Thing….

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Perspective is a Funny Thing….

You know… the difference between “right and wrong” conceptually or metaphorically…the difference between holding on versus “arriving” or “being” is powerful.

Waking up today and looking outside I was overcome with an intense freedom of “thought” and “judgment” or really any concern about trivial “stuff”……has evaporated. Not the stuff we have to think of, expenses/income, health, etc…. but the junk that occupies minds easily. What people think about us, expectations, etc…when you are doing what you are supposed to, and driven for self growth some of that stuff just seems so silly in the big portrait of life.

I used to say that waking up each day with a new “set of eyes” that are curious about the world around you, clean eyes hungry to be the change, to love, to know yourself, to understand forgiveness is largely an internal process that then bleeds out to the rest of the world, is where we should be. Sometimes easier said than done thinking deeply about the past and how we can “cling” to things.

Life is a canvas rich with opportunity to learn, to change, to grow, to prune leaves and grow stronger branches. Today I woke up next to the person I know deeper than I’ve ever known another soul, and knows me completely and fully…a feeling long hungered for and not an easy task I think we show ourselves fully when “understood”. I do anyway, and I owe a lot to Sunniva for that one thing.

Being complex, or misunderstood creates shades that people hang onto, and then we do as well.

Mirrors are so powerful. Learned this so much the last few months. TREMENDOUS POWER in the thoughts we share, ideas exchanged, judgments left behind. We reflect what and where we are…..and we seem to draw in reflections on the same frequency or vibration.

On a long walk this morning we were discussing how powerful it is to just “work on being the best you can be.” The rest is mirrors for the rest to learn from. Not our journey. There is such depth to knowing just “being right” and finding Source within shines a bright light that anyone not wearing blinders sees and requires no effort or thought. We have so much to learn and grow by just observing our 3D world, the reality that is woven around us. Primarily what lies within that hula-hoop we drop over the head, or as a couple you think sometimes as a unit or dropping over the head of both. We can control, change, heal, love, nurture, enhance everything in that hoop. The rest is out of our grasp and requires “letting it be”…..

Law of attraction is something I’ve been very attuned to as well the last 6 weeks. Very little electronics, no TV, no newspapers, just growth. Acceptance, and being flexible to let the wind take me the direction that is “right” and not resisting it this time has led to extreme balance and harmony. Organic is a word I just keep coming to in describing this process, the experience, and letting life unfold in real time. There is magic there, in that space……

Happy Thursday to both sides of the globe

Trying to do less FB and status updates, but more sincerity….as my ‘reality” is very rich today. Blessed and grateful…..


(Facebook Status Update Soon After Landing in Sweden)
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