On the Other Side of the Storm – Attitude versus Circumstances

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On the Other Side of the Storm – Attitude versus Circumstances

This has been an amazing week, and it’s not because of my bank account, or even situations that I’ve run into, it’s my state of mind and attitude. I have six really good friends I can call and talk about anything and that’s enough. I have plenty of others I’m not close to because I wasn’t present. Misery can be so selfish……it’s very hard to pull out of depressions that are deep, but always possible. Never give up on your friends, or family…

Regrets? Sure…I’ve got loads, but self loathing is as destructive as the problem that got you there…

Survivors of any kind, fighters have to know how to get back up and realize things around you will change.   With good seed planting many of those former trees you cut down will grow back. And if not those, new ones…. stronger even at the root.

They say life is 90% attitude and 10% what happens to us. I think that’s spot on.  We can never control tragedy. Children die unexpectedly, natural disasters, diseases, sudden death, and more. Nobody can shield themselves from life, the key in my opinion is to develop the right attitude about how we face these aspects of life.

Anyway, I’m on the other side of a storm I’d not wish upon anyone, debris gets strewn far along the way effecting many people and takes time to clean up.

My story is not special, I think we all face something beautiful and something tragic along the way…. that’s life, eh?

That’s what connects us in many ways…thinking we are above or below other humans for any reason is a dividing line, a border, a righteous feeling that in my opinion takes the fabric and punches holes in it not unlike when we do self destructive things. The fabric I speak of is consciousness.

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”
― William James

“Be kind for everyone you meet is facing some kind of battle” – Plato


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