Musings While Painting the House Today…

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Musings While Painting the House Today…

Musings while Painting–

Nobody can ever stop the rain, or the sun. The night or the day.

We as parents want to shield our children, and at the same time, also expose them to unique life experiences and cultures that hopefully give them a breadth of vision wide enough that when they are adults, they recognize the power of choice and how large this world really is. Correction, how small it seems at times. (Because of our shared humanity)

Some of the greatest inspirations to me, including Tony Robbins, but dozens of others….Both famous, or just regular people I’ve met, so many have overcome horrific things. Parents who were violent, absent parents, overbearing parents, neglect as children or the opposite of neglect which inappropriate amount of praise or feedback not grounded in reality which then makes living life as an adult harder.

My point is this….these great sources of inspiration ….

They have been sheltered as children.
Some were abused.
Some traveled the world.
Some barely left home.
Some were pure bloods, some had Muggle Parents (HP reference)

What they all realized as they became adults as that the minute we lose the victim card, the minute we own our power of choices, we start charting our destiny.

There is a universal theme amongst my idols, they believe in the power of choice. They have overcome personal struggles or climbed Mt Everest.

My class today and just recovery in general, life as one who wants to keep growing and changing, is reminding me it’s just simple when you look at it from afar.


We want less crime. Less neglect. Less abuse. Less violence. Sociology and Psychology are my fields of interest academically because I care about human development, self development, and the collective societies (sociology)

But at my core, in the midst of paint, and Dumbledore’s words echoing in my mind I can never forget this fact….

It’s our choices that define our destiny. Minute by minute, day by day, and over time year by year.

Every adult was once a child. Every human has a story. And from the moment I hit submit on this post it’s in the past, and new choices emerge that affect a new reality and future.

If any wisdom to my kids comes through me, it’s to never forget that horrible things happen to the best of people and amazing luck to the worst. That is just how things go sometimes.

Life it seems to be me is realizing it will always storm during some seasons. So how do I prepare myself, or my children?

I can’t build a fort high enough to keep every storm out. I can however, help them understand how to get through them as safely as possible. To build a metaphorical storm shelter that is inner peace and knowing.

At the very least by doing that myself.

“It’s not a miracle you need; you need a change of attitude”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

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