Lessons from Abroad – “Thoughts While Strolling through Oslo”

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Lessons from Abroad – “Thoughts While Strolling through Oslo”

Dont mistake kindness for weakness.

Some of the best gladiators have understood through spiritual practice that compassion and kindness is as powerful as their sword.

Don’t be a pushover,but dont fear trying to repair bridges. It’s often the strongest in family relationships who “mend” what is broken. Stubborn is hard to switch, but possible……

Forgive yourself from a list of 20 things you believe you might have done differently and I promise that you suddenly forgive people around you. It just happens that way….

Let go of those not grabbing your hand if you’ve held onto a toxic friendship, sometimes it’s your spouse, sometimes a friend. Just keep your side of the street clean. If your heart is sincere and you try to do your part, no regrets in letting go. Your wings may flap harder by the release but I think it’s important to reach out properly to know you later in life have no regrets there.

Kiss your child on the forehead more than you should…..it’ll never get old.
Eat dry cereal that is sweet to remind you how good it tasted as a kid.

On a fall day sit on a bench where nobody can see and watch the leaves fall slowly for 30 minutes and just think about all you are grateful for. You’ll stand up 25 pounds lighter.

Drink coffee, have some wine, visit your core friends when you can but keep your eye on the prize. Your family, your wife and child, your core friends that never left your side……….from there dole out the rest but most importantly….TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Rest, eat good, exercise. Balance, balance, balance….

And for god’s sake. DONT TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY. We won’t get out of this round alive……..(physical shell) and while I know the other side is gonna be a wicked experience I’m vowing to not have regrets while here, vowing to play full out, vowing to give everything I’ve got this half of life.

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