Know Thyself – No Label Needed to Shine Light

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Know Thyself – No Label Needed to Shine Light

Know thyself ….no label needed to shine light.

Humility…..power in realizing the depth of gratitude in your life. The gift, the connection to all.

Staying away from the great destroyer, pride/ego, is vital to spiritual evolution

Brave…stand up for what’s right. Don’t compromise, but do it with quiet assurance. Being loud annoys people and doesn’t allow for “reaching” the heart.

Keep working…this process never ends. Play full out and don’t feel above or below your fellow man. They’re all special, struggling in some way, working the best they can with what they’ve got. (Conditions, peers, genetics can limit or enhance)

Stay hungry for self awareness. Trust instincts. Be Leary of groups who lack balance. Well mirror whoever we associate with. Want to hike Everest train with the best. Want to be compassionate surround yourself with compassion.Keep…on…going.
And smile dammit…
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