iChat – Communication for the Millennials

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iChat – Communication for the Millennials

iChat – Conversations for the Millennials


I was sifting through all the messages on my IPhone and chuckling at how the communication styles keep shifting over time.


Tonight from a “voice message” I got from my mother from her IPhone to mine, I was taken back to 1980 when I was five years old. A time when you could charge bubble gum at the family owned IGA, grab the mail  at the post office, and safely walk home to watch Tom and Jerry.


Yep, 5 years old. This was a very picturesque and safe time of history that took place in a tiny community where the doors were not locked at night.


The phones were heavy, and were rotary dials, and get this…you would get a busy signal if someone was on the line you tried to call!

Sounds crazy right?

No, crazy is what was called a party line that our family shared with others  in 1985.  You would hear your neighbor’s voice and have to say “Excuse me” or just quietly hang up if you heard a voice and wait until they were done.


Yep, times have certainly changed. My own children would not even know what to do with a rotary phone. I look forward to the day we get to have that conversation or play with one I find at a flea market.


So with the advance of mobile phones and the ever changing technology, we stand today in the world of iChat.


It’s a land of audio or video messages that transcends the beauty of iMessage and magically “erases” either audio or video if you don’t “keep” it and shows “delivered” “played” and “kept” depending on what the person is doing on the other side.


My wife and kids right now are 4300 miles away. iChat and FaceTime are valuable tools. This takes me back to the con of communication 35 years ago, which is definitely being limited geographically.  So while I marvel at the direct simple methods of communication from my childhood, I am grateful for the evolution.


My little boy would not be alive if not for these advances.


Now, back to my train of thought.  How amazing is it to be so self absorbed and into our own worlds due to these technological luxuries that I can ALMOST have a real time conversation, yet still do what I want to do. Like research “shaboozle” – a word I was sure I created after using it all day long at random times and wanted to patent.


Come to find out, it’s already a word. And one very aligned with how I was laughingly using it as I amuse myself in my apartment.


Now, tonight I needed to send an audio iChat to a client, to make sure she knew of changes this week.  She gets her pet updates via audio or video clips via iChat.


I also sent iChat audio to a friend to see how life was going. We all get to see it come in, smile, and go on our way doing what we want to do and respond back when we are ready to do so.  It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?


It’s taking the text message concept of indirect communication and passive aggressive tendencies (remember how kind we are to each other via face to face) and trumping it!


Yes, iChat is here to stay and will continue to modernize our communication styles. IPhone certainly has a huge dent in the mobile market (one I worked in for three years at a time when the original IPhone was released) based on how many times I text a person and get that magical color BLUE!


Come on, IPhone users you know what I mean. It’s like SCORE! No data charges for FaceTime, audio, video, and these cool delivery messages that let me know you saw my message but did not play it, or played my message and did not respond.


Because let’s face it, you are probably trying to find a word like Shaboozle to patent yourself.


Happy iChatting!

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