I Don’t See Two Countries and Pick a Side. I Look at Those Countries and ask Why…

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I Don’t See Two Countries and Pick a Side. I Look at Those Countries and ask Why…

I don’t see two countries across the world and pick a side. I look at those countries and ask why.

I’ve been labeled a liberal, progressive, idealist, crazy, out of touch…I don’t care. It’s people with that label that has “changed things”…

Changing who we are comes with a risk. Everything you were used to “will change.”  I see the size of that hurdle for many as I finally stepped over it in a big way. It’s not always easy. A path that can feel very lonely at times. Old friends, family members, coworkers may not (usually won’t) see things the same way. They may start to see you as “different” and that discomfort keeps many “right where they are” in my humble opinion…..

We can recognize this comfort of “seeing the same way” when you analyze peer groups, history, countries, family traditions, global areas that share same thoughts. Very easy to stay in that same pattern because you were not around a voice that said “thinking okay is different” or “I believe this but you should go out and learn on your own, I may not be right.” Typically that voice has to come deep within to break whatever mold you are in.

Desmond Tutu says that 90-95% of the world’s religious views are based on where you were born.  Recognizing that single fact is powerful. It could help one “honor” your own views but also see outside the box, peak around the corner and just ask, “What can I learn from looking at another box, and another, and another?”  The worst thing is you come back to your box more convinced, but how will you ever know if you don’t leave the box.

You don’t need support if it’s from the inside out. Trusting that inner voice inside is powerful. I spend loads of time working on me. The only thing I have a lot of power to change. I do believe in the “be the change” effect because of this consciousness, energy that connects us all. There is data to support this too.

I believe in a Divine power. I also believe in love over fear. Hungry for a new world, not satisfied with old ways of thinking I’m willing to risk a lot personally to stand by that code.

Deep down I know we all want people balanced, healthy, happy, in love, and spiritually wise…….when we spot that, no matter what their views, we calm down and listen.

Grateful for challenges. Grateful for dark. Grateful for problems. I see them all as this tremendous canvas to learn. To mold, to deepen…… and leads to tremendous opportunities, bright light, and valuable solutions.

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