“I am where I am supposed to be”

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(Hadn’t left America yet, but was at the lake house a couple of weeks before my flight to London)

Overwhelming sense of peace, purpose, direction. For a year or more, I’ve privately shared some things with people about what 2012 would mean for me, and perhaps look for a “big jump”… Fascinating how the dots have connected, let me assure you of this – in 38 years, and this cat has walked some ledges, lived…hard, loved, experienced life as full as I could, cobwebs, miracles, dark alleys, lighted roads, etc.

But I’ve never been ready, things have not fully aligned until recently. Every experience, every relationship, every pain, for me so obviously part of a path to get me where I am today. The happiest I’ve ever been man. Not just “in awhile”. Ever. Mystical, magical… I don’t expect people to understand, hard to put into words, because it defies much of the logic side of any brain that would try to put it together.

“I am where I am supposed to be”… No white light experience per se, but I think so many years of not aligning with your inner core when you do…..Source kind of explodes. With all that said, the “present” is the gift and this Zen cat knows that. Paradoxes abound. I am deeply in the present, but seeing the future, and with clarity realizing what steps are needed to get where.

For anyone out there, lost… Hang on man. Just hang on, the pot of gold indeed may be at the other side, you just gotta hold on…


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