I Am Not Alone – The Force is Real (Lessons from Abroad)

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I Am Not Alone – The Force is Real (Lessons from Abroad)

I am Not Alone…

My journey since late summer has been filled with such a variety of emotions, experiences, awareness shifts, and more… I am not sure where to begin this blog but I think it’s okay to say the Universe was sending out a nudge and it’s not unlike many experiences since August.

Timely, and spot on.

A subtle nudge came in to put some words to this song, and a sweet gesture of someone observing the journey with objective eyes and a feeling that today she should share this song and ask me to put words to it.

To be honest, to play the song is overwhelming.

Partly because of how far I’ve come in the journey of being unconnected from Source to a deeper connection… and also how alone I have felt for so much of my own life.  And when I say alone, I mean “in my mind” and spirit.  And the last 4 months I’ve dug deeper into what being alone means out of my home country, and facing some life uncertainties I didn’t fully predict.  All of those however,  have been gifts of growth and I think wherever we are in our journey we can feel alone or relate to that disconnect that can only be filled by a oneness with the world. To me it’s a very real energy.

I have sought, and sought and sought assurance from the outside world that I WOULD BE OKAY throughout my life, and if that didn’t work, I would just numb out those feelings because down as seekers we are trying to make sense of what our purpose in life is.

Why are we here? Are we alone?

When the ground you walk on is gone, or unstable, or unsure…what have you then to lean on if not faith in something?

Some call it God, some call it the Universe, some call it Allah, some call it Buddha….for me the Force in the world we live in is real.  There is something beyond the realm of science that I know gives me some sense of comfort that I am not alone.

It’s a paradox for a logic and science based mind, but I trust my heart and instinct often ahead of a strong mind.

I am not alone.

This is a powerful set of lyrics and a song that 1 year ago might have trigged me thinking “Oh god, another Christian  song” as I would be sitting in a place to project my discomforts with myself onto others.

That’s what we do when we are afraid. Fear breads the dark side as Yoda says, and fear is something we all face and struggle with. Not being alone to me, is knowing the Force is real and that there is something mystical about owning your truth and surrendering to being led a bit.

To close my eyes and feel the energy around me, an energy of light, of love and healing is to be vulnerable. To be open. To be free.

I am not alone in this world and I fought that concept a lot, trying to make it on my own. Blaming my insecurities on you or projecting my inner angst anywhere  I could, but the truth is I believe we are all light in our core, and for whatever reason have to keep getting these lessons until we find out what this pain is all about.

Maybe you had a father walk out on you, maybe you have suffered death or disappointment or rejection or hate, it doesn’t matter through if we can take these negative incidents and realize it can lead to divine intelligence, growth, and a connection to the Great Unknown. Sometimes in fact, these negatives can lead to the largest awakenings in our life. In fact, they USUALLY do.

We can all then relate to these things that binds us together, compassion through shared experiences.

Today I just want to say kindly and gently to the person  sending this song because of a nudge they got from Source….

I am not alone. And neither are you.

It is this walk, a spiritual walk that binds us call.

I may not be Christian in the modern sense, but I love and study Jesus as a healer, mystic, teaher. What I get from this song today is that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

That my growth, my healing, my wounds, my victories are yours. As yours are mine.

The day that I can begin to see that we are all one, then I understand I am not alone. There is an intelligence in this universe and I see two forces, one is guided by fear and the other by love.

Call it spirit, call it mystical, call it energy, call it fucking good mo jo….we all use words to define something out there.  The labels are where we divide, so today I put a link to this song sent to me by a kind old acquaintance I have not spoken to in a year or so.

I trust that the Force is good, I trust that human nature is good, I see hope in myself and healing and love and change, and I cannot see anything but that in the world around me.

Wherever I go, there I am.

And today I can assure you I am not alone.

I wrote 6,000 words today, a blog to the most special person in my heart (privately) one about the trust in societies being so eroded in places like the US and the concept Pema Chodron talks about called negative negativism.  (turning a negative into a  deeper negative by our reactions to the initial negative)

Maybe I’ll finish one of those, maybe I’ll just let this spiritual token fall into the ether and be grateful for my mentor, my guide, the Universe, awareness shifts, random people saying they got a nudge from the Universe that “You are Not Alone”  and the courage to keep on trying.

It’s much easier to look everyone in the eye when you know the eyes staring into those souls is sharing your truth. However painful that may be at times….on the other side of that discomfort, is a feeling of peace.  Chip away at those inessentials, and trust that we are not alone.




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  1. I had not heard of this negative negativism, found this when I googled it “Negative negativity refers to the philosophies and rationales we use to justify avoiding our own pain. We would like to pretend that these “evil” and “foul-smelling” aspects of ourselves and our world are not really there, or that they should not be there, or even that they should be there. So negative negativity is usually self-justifying, self-contained. It allows nothing to pierce its protective shell – a self-righteous way of trying to pretend that things are what we would like them to be instead of what they are.” So interesting! This resonated in a good and uncomfortable way, which means it’s good stuff 😉 Thank you for that!

    • Thank you for the comment!

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