Heaven and Hell is a State of Mind……

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Heaven and Hell is a State of Mind……

Heaven and hell…I could write 10,000 words in one sitting on my perception or views of what those words mean to me, how they effected me growing up, how I see societies reflection of those terms in such varied fashions…on and on…BUT

Heaven…a state of mind, a place to be seen on Earth, a level of consciousness that brings about the spirit within you so deeply, you feel a charge around you, an ‘aura’ often visibly seen by certain people…you are not apart from the trees and animals…you are part of.

It’s also where I’m at physically…on a run today just glancing around I breathed in the essence of what I will call God.  “Heaven,” for me it’s a deep concept and idea that evokes so much, but as O.A.R says, “you take the left, I’ll take the right, you lock the gate, I hear the choir”….

Nobody really knows for sure, but the deeper you get into “self work” let’s say or The Great Work as I think of it today, the more you feel you know, the more you “trust” yourself because we are….aspects of God. Part of all that is and all that will be…

Heaven is the smile on a certain 4 year olds face this morning when we came to wake her up because she slept so soundly with a chill air and a long day of play. Heaven is her saying 3 days in a row that one thing she is “grateful for” is Sunni and I being “best friends.” That is translated into her seeing us being very kind to each other, very close, and a deep relationship.

She and the horses are teaching me and allowing me to be in this state of heaven. But Sunniva and I being ready to live it, to explore the depths of who we are, to finally be ready to face everything, meant Heaven waited.

Now when I transition, do I ascend, do I reincarnate again, do I hang around and pester my kids as a spirit? I’m not sure entirely, but I know I’m moving on. “Gnosis”… not a guess.

Hell is my mind when it’s telling me I’m not good enough, or not smart enough, or am being left out of something. Hell is that voice saying I’m ugly or not where I should be in life based on the “barometer” of the world.  Hell is resenting something somebody did to the point I can’t let it go…hell is unhappiness…it’s here on Earth…its in spiritual realms…. certainly…but while I’m into the next phase of this spiritual journey and all of it’s realms, I really understand my role here and hell is something I can say I’ve been to plenty of times and decided to come back…

Heaven and hell…states of mind, part of this experience. Spirituality is about growth, self-awareness and evolution of who we are. Resurrection to me is about rebirth, which could be taken literal in the reincarnation aspect, but more importantly, the rebirth of our self, our soul, the loss of ego…that’s what it symbolizes to me…

Hell is thinking about how many times I’ve let people down. Heaven is knowing I’m in a place in life where I just won’t anymore, and if I do on occasion, I have peace that it’s meant to be because of living so transparently and honestly about the good and bad.

Hell is thinking life is supposed to be fair all the time and then you got a short end of the stick, heaven is realizing its ALL MEANT TO TEACH YOU SOMETHING…

I am flawed…. I am really working on life…I am trying to channel the turtle and getting better day by day…. but a hare by nature…that turtle is slow, wise, and sees the broad picture and I am stepping into his essence.

I love my life, and I am grateful to be here. I know I’m moving on after this temporary physical existence but this life feels important, feels very much like my role (as I’m sure everyone feels this, I just can speak for me) is ………well, just that the first half is finally making sense in how to use it…. how to take those experiences and carve out a deeply rooted purpose in service, in change, in integrity.

Life didn’t make sense to me for a long time. I’ve been a bright guy with broad potential trapped inside the prison of my own mind.

No preacher, the best parenting, no book, could steer me into easy waters, I had to learn, I had to live life on my own for the sake of experiences……….but again, today it feels so “destined” now, as if everything I have done, everything I have lived through, makes sense…. like getting to a chapter deep into a novel and turning the page and going…”Wow, so it was all leading here.”

Heaven and hell. Darkness and light The sun and the moon…..hmmmm. Life is a trip, isn’t it?  Hang on with all you’ve got, never forget it’s just a ride and that heaven, is just a few choices away from being a reality right here, right now…

“A Facebook Status as part of these “Lessons from Abroad” that became deep chances to look within while having all I Used to have as comforts…removed”

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