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Jan 14

Today I am grateful for:

  • The last month. I can’t stress enough the defying of linear time on “growth” and “discernment”. Each day has felt like a month, with no TV, no chatter, limited white noise. Grateful man… The water, the wind, the birds, and the trees… my God do they whisper when the sounds of our conditioned society and TV on in background are “off” and gossip or expectations erode slowly from our mind….in that space, and it’s hard to capture for long periods but it’s getting easier, day by day.
  • I’m grateful for this lake, and the healing powers of “nature’ in general.
  • I’m grateful for a direct flight because my bag NEEDS TO MAKE IT TO LONDON.
  • I’m grateful for being “ready” to experience the richness of life… why this long? Why the merry go round? I don’t know… And I don’t care….because here I am. 😉 Grateful……not implying I haven’t soaked up every experience good and bad… I guess what I mean by “being ready” is the balls out “I’m trimming and pruning” and catching up …is a good way to say it. I was a child with deep wisdom and light blanketed. The inner child is growing up, facing tons daily, continually learning.
  • I am grateful for an open mind. A very curious way of looking at the world. A hunger to learn… a visceral hunger to learn about the world around me.
  • Grateful for all the mirrors, tilted daily to show me the bright side, to nudge, to guide, to lead… The mirrors show us THE GOD WITHIN… it’s us who holds the key. Not OUT THERE, UP THERE, BUT INSIDE… I thank the mirrors everyday for showing me things… grateful.
  • Grateful for music. It’s the ultimate memory jukebox. Put in the metaphorical dime and what happens beyond hearing the “jam” we wanted to hear is the memories tied to it. Music is the backdrop of life and always around. I “will” learn to play the guitar in 2012, as I see families where someone can sit around play, and sing, and the joy and peace it brings to a home. Music is “part of the fabric of humanity to me”…like the stars….grateful.
  • Grateful for my health. Aye’…GRATEFUL.

This list could be really long. I used to do this more often. Grateful for 438 folks that keep me entertained, informed, help me think, laugh, and learn…..via this social medium. I’m grateful that Divine Providence and timing led to the meeting of the best friend I’ve ever had. Nobody has ever EVER come close to fully understanding me. Onion…big one. Sunniva, you see every layer……..I don’t know how, because I’m a tough nut to crack, but I think we both knew day one. This is no joke…grateful.
Grateful to have hope, happiness, and humility that I strive for daily.

I am human, I err’, I make mistakes, I’m grateful for forgiveness. I cannot expect to be forgiven, and not forgive… powerful.

Phase 3 begins tomorrow and while my mind is drifting out of the present
I am grateful for being very “in the moment” most of the time and will continue to strive for that through this rich European adventure that begins in less than 3 days. Thank You all……because it’s through YOU that I see me. Indebted….;)


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