The Pre Dawn Hours of a Harvest Moon… Bliss…

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The Pre Dawn Hours of a Harvest Moon… Bliss…

On a fairly intensive plan/program leading into and through October with BALANCE and motion (dictator of emotions) being focus.

Must have lost 2 Kg having Gabi on my shoulders for the 4K hike to the other stables and back, eating with intent, tons of green tea, etc…

All that is great and typically means what it did this morning. I wake up starving, but feeling good and enjoy 2 hours of reading or writing time before anyone stirs (even Gabi)

Harvest Moon on the deck is an awesome sight to see.

This journey of ours, these lessons from abroad that are nearing a year in, phew………..intense. IN the BEST possible sense of the word. I’m not one to say change is always easy. It’s not…..or most would dare to change every facet of their life. Comfort, familiar, conditions, fear, and rationalization and justification can keep the most intelligent folks from really moving.

Remember stuff around is changing at lightning fast, that’s something we can’t dispute. In our digital age, especially with FB the new TV commercial thing to be cautious of (my feed got heavy trim work this weekend on hiding of all wall paper posts (I just appreciate real thoughts, photos, ideas about links) because studies are just coming out to the power of how it can numb you into a feeling of ….well, whatever the algorithms you’ve set up and they want to sell you are presented.

Our newsfeed is not what it was promoted as four years ago, but we still have power to control the viewing….much like TV and I admit I hunger for CBS This Morning. I hunger for an occasional mindless show but for the sake of my project alone I will MAKE IT ONE YEAR. LOL. Is it Dec 23rd yet. The day I packed up my Xterra and headed to that lake house was the last day I saw a commercial on TV.

More through personal journals than blogs or statuses I’ve logged what that slow unprogramming has done. Really took 6 months to take root but powerful changes started happening then.

Gossip for me was big too…I liked chaos, drama….so I fed into gossip. Needed to know everyones business for a variety of reasons. Making that code that I would approach people directly or disengage if not healthy has also proven tough at times but powerful. 3 more months and I can finally put it all together and share what one year can do to ones psychology, outlook, sense of hope in the world…….our lens that we view the world on is POWERFUL and so affected by insidious subtle cues we just can hardly recognize are there.

This place I landed by fate, majestic, fairly remote part of Sweden was the perfect place to land and I had no idea when I committed to those things on paper I’d ever be here. Just kind of allowed the 6 things to be much easier to do, with magnified results.

  1. No TV
  2. Immerse yourself in nature
  3. Eliminate gossip by going TO the person not around them when possible
  4. Limit sodas, and all processed foods as best you can
  5. Journal every day
  6. Face every fear you can this year, go deep, go within….

Still have that sheet of paper from Grove, OK and remember the moment I scribbled out those things. A feeling that my life would change forever. Not overnight, but through a committed series of steps, reminding myself this morning and then both that progress is about motion and don’t get too hung up on short term set backs because the turtle always beats the hare.

Ashes to Woodstock……..time to read. Happy Sunday Earthlings. Excited about October man……..fell asleep by 9:30PM with my wife in my arms deeper in love than ever before and it keeps getting deeper.

Deeply, deeply, blessed in my life today…

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