Free Flow Life Reminders…

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Free Flow Life Reminders…

Free flow life reminders—

Trust your instincts.
Find balance.
Don’t fear change.
Love with intensity the ones along the ride of life with you, appreciate the rest.
Work hard doing what you love and it won’t feel like work.
Never forget to laugh.
Stay young at heart and this is best done through the eyes of the child.
Believe you can.

The tape in your head running negative schemas can stop. Takes work, and focus but you can and it will.
Self awareness should be hungered for, sought after, and bathed in. “Know thyself” is the cornerstone of every spiritual path I see working.
Mind, body, and spirit are tied. Balance, balance, balance…
If you are afraid to shed friends, geographical conditions that can “bind” us or inhibit us a bit you may be bound or inhibited. (will be IMHO)
Run, walk, jog, bike, climb a rock…whatever you do, keep moving.
Eat sensible but for god’s sake have a chocolate man….
Keep learning. You never have life figured out, that’s the bloody fun of this thing…….
Travel, you’ll be humbled to find prejudices or feelings you once had can be removed by getting to know people. We’re far more alike than not.
Lean into the light…….
Dance, keep music going and turn that TV off (Will be one full year of no TV, commercials in my ear as part of a detailed experiment on Dec 24th of this year) as much as you can.
Call a relative or old friend out of the blue. (or email) It’ll change the week of both of you and bleed out to others.
Clean your own toilet. (This is a great humbling exercise)
Kiss your husband and wife and remind them they are special because if you have children that alone is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.
Forgive at all costs. Shed resentments however you can. Acceptance is vital to self love. We can find 1000 reasons to judge, or label others and I’m as guilty as the rest if I don’t do daily reminders of the power in accepting things I cannot change.
Cook at home as much as you can not just because it’s healthy but because it’s a bonding experience, it’s an energy and time of day with family you can’t get back. It’s artistic, it’s the time life flows…….cook and experiment with new dishes as often as you can.
Wake up and stare out the window and with the first breath breathe in and on the exhale say and mean “Today is a new day” (epic results can come from this)Live full out 100% in everything we do, be honest, authentic and not afraid to show you’ve stumbled..b/c it allows others around you to be themselves. This road of life gets bumpy at times, it’s sure as hell nice to grab someone to hold on than to shut the door. There is a reason bridges look so cool and we find them fascinating, walls by and large are ….well, walls. Keep believing in bridges being built and if you can’t extend one move on.
Travel light literally and metaphorically.

Tell a random person that THEY ROCK because they may just believe it and pay that forward to the next random person.

Knowing deep down that if I can heal, love, forgive, and change me, I can heal, love, forgive, and change things around me.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon

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