Fear is an addiction. Tribes are our Choice.

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Fear is an addiction.  Tribes are our Choice.

Fear is an addiction.  Tribes are our Choice”

How much impact does tribal nature of our genetic make up effect who we are, and what we do? Are we are hobbies? Are we are jobs? Are we are part  of something bigger?

I’ve been spending time this morning pondering what  has linked me to people in my life.  I’m over 15 months into no television, trying hard to live by the “no gossip” code (don’t call up folks to talk about other folks/chat folks to chat about other folks/stick to real life as best I can or chatting folks to ask about their life, or how WE are, what your story is)

It’s March Madness I suspect? As a former passion of mine, I can honestly say I don’t know if the tournament is over.  It’s been a surreal journey to go through one U of A football season with no idea what happened outside of glimpses into my social media.

What is left if you pull your favorite hobby away? What do you talk about to your friends? My wife is my best friend and it’s a good litmus test of realizing what is really important to me. The earth. Family. Dreams. Innovations. Hope. Potential. Philosophy. History.  Food. Changes. Animals.  Music. Hikes.

I used to love YouTube rabbit holes, internet rabbit holes (the web of facts and stories on the cosmos, conspiracy theories, global cabals, origins of man, ET stuff, etc.) and likely still do, I’m just realizing with 15 months removed it’s sort of pulled from my consciousness and fascinating to document the psychological changes that come with that.

If I’m not chatting with folks scared or hating this President, or scared or fearful of “societies shift” (gasp, gay marriage) I’m not thinking about those fears.  GMO is a real issue to me; it’s one I do try to stay on top of. We shop local for our foods and avoid GMO’s completely, we are knowledgeable about how and when we want to begin growing most of our own foods, where to buy natural foods.  I realize I can either run for office,  or quietly “be the change” by LIVING what I used to spend so much time researching/obsessing about.

I’m not naive to the world’s problems, I guess I just go about it differently somehow because of the power of what I call the “feeding fear” I’m going over my 2011 journals and while it was the pivotal year of “pulling away” from so much, until I removed media, chat circles that were not healthy, relationships that did not bring about the best in me, and assessed all of that with a fine tooth comb, it’s really hard for the most self aware to realize the impact of how it all “creates you.” It’s subtle, it’s cunning.

There are real things today that concern me.  DHS purchase of so much ammo.  GMO.  General attitude of hate and fear in people. Our corporate controlled world. Several other things… but with a very unplugged life for 15 months despite keeping an online social media presence, I’ve drastically changed my social media life by shifting my “friends” according to my  real life/growth/alignment and it’s been powerful. It’s been hard at times. Letting go and change are things we fight internally even if it we see it serves us. Nobody wants to be left behind. Fear of the unknown is BIG.  We are what we surround ourselves with though, and for me, the fear of the unknown is worth continuing to explore.

That includes FB groups, FB friends, real friends, real social circles…tribes. We want and have an innate need to be part of them.

It’s why churches do well.  Organized tribes.  Other organizations for spiritual minded folks like AMORC, Masons, the list goes on and on. We want to be part of tribes during this experience. We need to be part of tribes.  Political tribes. Hobby tribes. Tribes…. they insulate us. They comfort us. The gives us “connection” to something.

Christopher McCandless wrote as his last words during his “Into the Wild” quest of unplugging from society “Happiness is only real when shared.”  After being disgusted by so many of the   things I so relate to in his quest for finding himself. He learned a great deal through that journey, and his journals are a great source of inspiration to those that take the nuggets of wisdom he imparted on a quest that left him ultimately “departed” from his friends, family, and the world ..but it was his journey to take in the physical. Spirit moves on.

Tribes man. They are everywhere. It’s why fraternities exist. Sports enthusiasts. Tribes of Steeler fans, Hog fans, tribes…

It’s what we  ARE WIRED TO NEED…. social tribes.  The cool thing as somebody pointed out yesterday, we get to pick our tribe today. A choice of what you place yourself around and thus how your own consciousness is effected.

No judgment about our tribes, just me assessing shifts. Examining the tribes in my life today.  When Jared pulls away sports, pulls away TV shows, pulls away chatter about others…what is left? Who are we?

I’m a man who loves intensity. I desire change on a deep level. I know that the world around me is a beautiful place. Inventions  and innovations every day  are happening that change the world for the better. People that seem to refuse to be part of “tribes” of fear do exist.

Fear may be the most ADDICTIVE quality of life. It’s why fear driven media does so well. Fear driven gossip. Fear is flat out addictive. We feed it.   It is the greatest quest of mine to be a tribe within our house of inspiration, of hope, authenticity,  of promise about the world and find social circles who understand the power of that decision. It’s important for my own growth.

We won’t lie about history that is really soiled to our children, we won’t hide from GMO and what appears to me damaging control of the government on our food supply but we won’t feed the fear, we will keep going to our farmer’s market every week, living on eggs, beef, bread and vegetables that are grown locally on farms we can visit  in person and ultimately shift to growing our own. It’s something we care about.

The power of fear. The power of tribes. The power of media.  The power of change.

Loose collections of things on my mind as things around me continue to shift. We can correct from financial collapse. We have before. We can avoid food supply corruption and grow our own food, use our voice, and inform… not scare those around us.

Power of our voice is understated. Power of our collective action is awesome. Supply and demand is rule of the land.

We put McDonalds out of business the day we stop eating there. There are choices to GMO. Our farmer’s markets are where we should most of our time for food, in my opinion, but I as one man can’t affect supply and demand chains. We can only do what is in our grasp and believe in the power of those actions. But those powers have this ripple effect.

We can survive and rebuild  from political tyranny but one thing we  cannot reverse or potentially survive (10, 20, 100 generations out?) from  is this  trend of damage to our planet. Why do people get distracted from this? I don’t know for sure.  The bait and switch of good political lobbying and corporate power driven media  is intense. God, gays, and guns are the 3 G’s that do amazing diversion.  I support responsible gun control, gay rights, and believe in a God…but we cannot be naïve to the media’s understanding of what triggers fear.  Everything has power. The atom can be used for good and bad. Information can be used for good and bad. It’s never about the item but how we use it.  Take the information in the bible for example. Much like the atom in my opinion.

Fear is a powerful and cunning weapon against us. The world we live in despite shifts that do scare me environmentally is rich with miracles every day. If you were to die next week tragically, imagine the tremendous power you have on your kids by showing them a farmer’s market and the joy of learning together, cooking together, singing together,  and research growing food as a family.  Changing the “tone of fear” that effects our children is a tool in our belt.  Show them an art museum. Take them into the woods. Get them around animals.  This generation I’m rearing and about to with our child  born this summer is a tipping point of intense hope for me.

If you believe in a spiritual afterlife whether it be reincarnation, going back into a mass consciousness, heaven and pearly gates, or whatever…. than you know something is next.   This life is about giving all we’ve got and I recognize that means showing my kids “we can change” the trends we see.  But it’s not by scaring them. That’s as addictive as fries at McDonalds.  Inspire them.  Remind them who they are inside.

That’s a tribe I’ll continue to make sure I join. A tribe of hope.  Let me be clear  again, it’s not naïve hope,  but a hope with balanced understanding of the power of fear, the nature of tribes in our life, and ones capacity to change.


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