“Every person’s memory is his or her private literature.” Aldous Huxley

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“Every person’s memory is his or her private literature.” Aldous Huxley

“Every person’s memory is that person’s private literature.” Aldous Huxley

What was it like then, what is life like today. What happened really?

Memory is one of the most fascinating things about recovery, any type of spiritual recovery. (I typically always include any trauma based experience that needs or requires a spiritual or personal recovery program)

It’s vital for those of us with patterns that are not healthy, to not be deceived by our memory. That writing as they say is on the wall, but in my case it’s etched in stone in the inner workings of my own mind.

Am I prepared to acknowledge it?
What did I do? Who was hurt? Who hurt me? What pain have I caused or was effected by to create this life of running from those pains? Part of discernment is understanding where these come from, and by the end of this spiritual process, the only byproduct is compassion that we are all human, err, and not capable of perfection, and that is strongly engrained by seeing that we ourselves have made these mistakes.

My god, for so many years I tried hard to not remember these things that are vital for my “freedom” To lighten my load so to speak.

Denial is such a beast, it can allow us to justify and rationalize and avoid these memories and incidents for years, or even a lifetime. I often notice it going the longest by those using “healthy” ways to avoid it. Working out, working too many hours, whatever the case may be.

I know that my memory of what has happened is vital to my recovery and I think it’s the biggest wall of the obstacle course in our life that everyone faces, in terms of healing, growing, and evolving emotionally.

Spirituality to me is seeing life as it is, not how I imagined or hoped it to be. No more blinders.

The pain in my opinion, and observing those around me growing the most, it’s got to be faced. Not obsessed about or clung to, FACED. Then it’s not a wound with a bandage, but something healed which takes us higher emotionally and spiritually than before the initial wound exists. Why ? Because if we do the process with honesty, we can’t avoid humidity and compassion to our fellow man that needs us so badly right now.

“Thank you Source for allowing my yesterday’s to forge my tomorrow’s”

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