Entering Solitude

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Entering Solitude

Entering “Solitude”

Tonight I want to begin to be honest about a part of my journey here in Norway.  My own writings over the last 4 years have been deeply personal to me (relationships, fatherhood, recovery, and so much more) but for a variety of reasons, most of the content I am writing now has sort of been put on hold temporarily.

At least in terms of how or where to share it.  Most of the lessons this time abroad are stored on my hard drive, but tonight, I realized why I am here and what I need to start writing about.


Part of what I have been doing for the last month, and I mean a tiny part, has been hearing someone’s life story and helping to inspire that story to get out.  It started with shared conversations; about dreams, about life, about the deeper aspects of why we are here on this planet.

Do I think it was a coincidence I went from a Solgave like family business for one month where there was a healer, workshops,  Steiner and Waldorf education, a young girl my own sons age exactly, earth based products, and a lot of passion in the brand and ethos that was so familiar to me?

Not for a second.


Do I think it was a coincidence that I then randomly was led to a Gestalt and Rosen trained therapist my own mother’s age that had a story she needed to get out?

No I don’t.


In the beginning my reasons for coming over here to this flat one block away from where I was staying month two of my journey abroad were very different, but we had to all be mindful that things would unfold day by day and that’s exactly what has happened. I won’t talk about that part in my blogs, but I will begin to share something I see as mystical, cosmic, and spiritual magic.

In the beginning I was transcribing some of these real life “events” into English and as I would type the words I often found myself beginning to smile, or laugh, or even cry as I typed as fast as I could to keep up with her sharing these personal memories in vivid detail.

I’m not going to properly be able to fill you in on why it would touch me so deeply, not yet, it will take some time to get some of these pieces out so  that the story as I see it can be experienced from an objective and outside perspective.  Which I think is important, because of the nature of the content we will get into later.

Even how I arrived at this flat is sort of an unbelievable story in itself, except that even that has a mystical and dare I say spiritual set of coincidences that defy logic and reasoning, that the science part of my brain would so want to doubt. You’ll hear about that several episodes in.

If  I have ANY DESIRE tied to purpose for being on this planet, it’s hopefully to inspire people to share their truth, so that their message can then reach the people it’s meant to reach.

That can then lead to healing, informative, inspirational, and so much more to the people reading these stories. That’s the power in our authentic sharing. And my god, will this story and these experiences allow so many people to grant themselves permission to feel again.  That is why I feel compelled to begin sharing my perspective of this personal journey.

To put it bluntly, as an aspiring writer I simply can’t keep this inside anymore and feel so empowered to finally share a story that I know with every fabric of my being should be a book of some kind.

As I heard one story, then the next, and then the  next I observed this person  struggling, filled with such a great deal of doubt in the early stages of her life as these, dare I say, miracles kept occurring.  Some of which were witnessed by not just her.

She takes her career and professional sense of self very seriously, so these stories and these events would rock the foundation of everything she knew to be real.

In the beginning I would just help with an idea about a new website to create, how to possibly  develop a brand around these special stories and her therapy practice and even a vision for a meditation center, but as the days went on I think the vision and mission became lost in the magic of the release of these stories themselves.

Every time a new one emerged, I had new insights and was profoundly effected just be hearing or writing it down.  Hanging on to the “what is next?” and wondering how in the hell this story is not out yet kept plaguing my mind.

Listen, I’m going to add a short video to this one so you can see my sincerity because I have not yet taken on the role as a writer of sharing another’s journey. I think I’ve been convinced that my own story is the one to be told, and maybe in time it is, but not now.

Not yet anyway, this is why I am here today.

Her desire to get these stories out is not for fame, it’s not for notoriety, in fact all of these are reasons this person is terrified, in my opinion, to have them viewable by the public. She had approached someone a year ago to possibly write this story but the timing wasn’t right.  The need to get it out, is because she herself is on the edge of solitude and freedom so it’s about healing pain. Thawing out frozen trauma. It’s about “her truth” and a powerful spiritual awakening.

Showing the world a new kind of love has been the ethos of this blog site and by that it’s just meant a place where authenticity is the ethos.  A place where spirituality meets personal development, life, love, and even loss.  All of that and more is contained in this journey and I think can find a home for a collection and maybe a category where I can share something I have found to be possibly the most surreal story of anything I’ve ever read, fiction or otherwise.

This person’s path of “awakening” is nothing like we read about it in the typical “love and light new age groups” or something that might sit on the spiritual fiction shelf of your local bookstore meant to inspire or evoke emotions. No, this story is real.  These events did happen.

How do I know?

When you sit among somebody sharing a truth, no matter what that truth is, there is a power in the eyes that just can’t lie. When you stare into the soul with a penetrating force that one knows but an intuitive or just a human being who’s tapped into authenticity, you can’t run from the truth.

The first day I met this person this is the strong message I got.  There is no running from the truth ya know?

She asked me very forthright questions that makes me laugh now, after reading  a lot of pieces on this blog site and wondering who she might be letting into her flat.

Her questions were all valid, and we both took a leap of faith I suppose on the next step that let me move into the room open since her son was studying at university.  Initially it was thought I might be able to help him, but as time went on I think we realized there may be other reasons I am here.

So with her permission, I will gently share my perspective about one woman’s journey from living a life she would describe as being “asleep” to one that eventually led to a state of being very much “awake.”

Today I will start a series of perspectives and blog posts as I entered what has lovingly, if not depressingly, been called “Solitude.” And her two years here was defined by just that.  But this story starts long before entering Solitude (the actual name of the building she would find out later and even that story of how she came here and got this flat in Oslo  is mind bending)

My life has already been changed by being the observer, the writer, the listener, and trusting in the same “Great Unknown” that guides myself and the person I am going to do my best, to share respectfully and write with courage, hope, and dignity.

If you can find a small piece of the miracles I have found within these experiences, than my mission is accomplished.

On the other side of Solitude is  freedom.

If I share this journey in chronological order I need to go way back for the next piece and again, trust this is just my perspective, but one so powerfully felt I have been compelled to document it as she herself, is building a website and virtual place to house these special stories.

This is a tragic story at times. This is a story about hope. This is about someone awakening after a deep sleep. It’s the place where pain and suffering meet love and compassion.

Follow along the journey and give comments if you have suggestions on how it’s best received.


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