Eliminating the Noise

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Eliminating the Noise

Surrender, be present, create boundaries and eliminating the noise of external STUFF allows “Source” to roar inside your spirit. I hadn’t realized how much inner dialogue was happening by “feeding” or being “fed” so to speak until creating a world day to day where that “noise” is just ….flat….gone man.

Hit me heavy yesterday and I’m realizing each day how powerful that noise can be, how the

rule of 5 and law of attraction can bend us. Humans are very pliable and for me, when not where I was supposed to be in life, I clung heavily to things that now I SEE with such different eyes.

Grateful to SEE and BE……FOR ME, the only one I can speak for, it really took some toeing the line and not fearing big change to see how the paddles of the lock can be raised and all that “stuff” can flow out FAST that was getting stagnant for years with a boat not ready to leave the lock. (Canal boat life metaphors still ringing in my ear)

Going off grid……..Be good world. Change, it’s in our grasp. Who we engage with, our internal dialogue, thoughts, etc can be flipped on its side when and if we are hungry for the new peace and comfort on the other side of some discomfort.

Change while in process, can sting…but the other side man…PEACE…. loads of it.

Be good world and have a great weekend..;))

(Facebook Status on day 4 of being in Sweden)

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