Do Not Go Where the Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path and Leave a Trail – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Do Not Go Where the Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path and Leave a Trail – Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we are walking through our own life we are following a similar path. There is the road leading to all of our goals and dreams. Whether consciously or not, straying from this path is something we try to avoid because of its unknown nature. It is the safe route and we feel comfortable knowing where we are heading.

The thing about following a specific road is that it is not very challenging. The pavement feels nice, there are no vines and bushes blocking the route. Everything is predictable, because we know the way has already been cleared for us. Soon enough, we will finally reach our destination  in a safe and timely manner. Well done! You have made it to the end by following the footsteps of other people.

Here is the thing though, a journey that is safe can  rob ourselves a bit from the experience. The greatest sightseeing and excitement happens outside of the known path. The magic happens outside our comfort zone in life.  

Yet, it seems to be the place we all try to avoid because of the uncertainty it holds, the fear of the unknown. By being courageous and stepping into faith it’s going to be okay….we take a step away from the path already cleared for us.  Even if we get a bit bruised up or scarred by venturing off the course, it will only enhance our story and sense of self. 

I think the primary reason for staying on the path of comfort, a big one anyway,  is that it is just what everyone else is doing. Our pack mentality has made us victims of taking the path of least resistance.  Instead of letting others dictate the way we ought to take, it is much more empowering to create a route all our own. It will definitely not look as pretty as the one that has been trampled down by all the rest, but it has even more power to it. Leaving a trail is like carving our name into stone.

Doing so will transcend our reality and finally let you take control of your own journey. I intend to pave my own path and thank the pioneers before me brave enough to show me I’ll survive at worst, and thrive at best….

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