Dear Former Self – American Politics and Law of Jante – Part 1

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Dear Former Self – American Politics and Law of Jante – Part 1

Here we go… (Note to my former self and Letter to My Kids)



This is what I call full throttle writing.  Stream of consciousness and without thought, planning, or outline.


Two things are on my mind today – Law of Jante and American Politics.


Let me start with American politics, namely Donald Trump.


As the father of a daughter, and a young boy, I am realizing my outlook on the world is CONSTANTLY changing. Day to day and hour by hour.


It struck me this weekend as I was helping someone else, that if something happened to my children’s mother; well, I better be ready to step in at that moment.

This may sound like a no brainer, but when you are with a strong woman who is in a primal protection mode most of the time with the kids I was free to be me, and at times TOO LOOSE to be me.  By that I mean the crazy artist type of an entrepreneur and a fun loving dad.

Listen, I enjoy getting on a knee and looking them in the eyes when it came to corrections and empathy of tough situations that kids go through, but I also could lose sight of my own misery at times and forget how that impacts them.

I am growing though and changing constantly and honestly I am still “new” to the dad thing in the essence it’s just been a few years of my 40 some odd years of life on this planet.


That’s not the nature of this blog, that was then and this is certainly now.  Nope. I am fired up after Super Tuesday and a night of thinking about the law of Jante.


As a note to my former self let me remind you of some things Jared.  Donald Trump was a guy you read a book or two about in the 80’s. You wanted a shot to be on his reality show The Apprentice as an inspiring entrepreneur and laughed at his unique television persona.

I even loved his interviews on the often misunderstood and complex American DJ Howard Stern show.


That was THEN, when I was not a father to a young girl and boy and this man was not running for President.


So I laughed along with the jokes back then and as a guy’s guy who loved females as much as any prehistoric DNA embedded male (insert coy laugh) I could overlook the comments as just water cooler fodder.


I am NOT LAUGHING ANYMORE. Here are some clips of his comments. 


My daughter is about to be 8. My son is 2 ½ and if you think as a MAN it is okay to degrade women and talk about their FAT ASS and other snide comments he is on record as saying dozens and dozens of times think again.

Would you want someone saying that about your wife? Your daughter?

His comments to minorities and pervasive and disgusting undertones of racism that makes me angry at a time I’m supposed to be channeling inner peace is just …disgusting.   (Watch for blog about my 10-day spiritual retreat where I speak not one word in April during this course)


Yea, I am saddened, disappointed, and amused at the same time. Amused by how far removed so much of the public is by their own interest, how we can cheer construction of a wall and find reason to blame minorities for our own problems. If someone is to blame, we can’t look to real solutions with our own lives, or our nation.  We must take a hard look within and an honest look. The only man doing this is Bernie Sanders.

Where my anger stems from is my former self and a realization that I can lead better in some subtle ways I didn’t even know I needed to make strong corrections on.


Be the change we wish to see in the world does not just apply WHEN WE WANT IT TO. If you stand for goodness, equality, women’s rights, the care of this planet and the core people who make up this country and what it stands for -the middle class –  then you ought to know there are times to walk the walk and toe the line and even speak out against your former self.
Dear Jared of 30 years old –


You will one day have a little girl and boy in your life, if your lucky maybe more.

What you say now and do now you do not realize what it means in terms of the energy it puts out to the web of consciousness and no idea what it means to your future self as a dad.  If you are a leader, want to be a leader, aspire to LEAD then LEAD by example.

“The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today” — Francis of Assisi

Because that little girl and boy are not born yet.  Not in your life for some time to come, but rest assure my friend, you will grow up and have to grow up fast when fatherhood hits you.

And let me guess. It’ll take a few tough lessons to make you realize this.  Weren’t your 20’s enough of being a kid? Lessons keep coming until we realize what it is I suppose.

“nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know”— Pema Chödrön

So let me say it loud and clear dear Jared the ones you are “fighting for” with issues like same sex, to women’s pay, inequality of wages and classes, and racism as a  few examples… and everything else you stand for…TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS, nothing will ever make these beliefs ring true until you see their eyes.  The eyes of your young children and what walking the walk means.



Your Future Self



Okay, so this is maybe a bit dramatic and yes stream of consciousness writing is sort of what I do best which works better for podcasting or video but do you get my drift.


A paradigm shift happened when the man I was entertained by is now the frontrunner and likely GOP candidate for United States Presidency.


The only real man  who has took on every value I hold dear to my heart is named Bernie Sanders.  Big pharma, big oil, Wall-Streeter, protecting the Earth, minorities, human rights, you name it and he fought for it before I was born and hasn’t changed his tone since.


Yep, too good a man to be a politician BUT HE IS. And I am going to get louder at the end of this one because sometimes being silent isn’t enough.


I wrote a blog to my son before he was born called Dear Jonah, if you are Gay just so he knows that his dad has always had his back. No matter what his tastes in women, men, religions, or even politics to be honest.

Truth be told I hope to raise him with such a good sense of differing perspectives he can hold his own vantage points proudly and I want him to always know that,  but I will make sure to toe the line on causes I believe in and let him know these are my subjective truths, and it’s up to him or her to find their own truth. But I want them to know standing up for those that can’t stand up for themselves is something we  should not cower from.



So this blog is not 2000 words I have made 2 parts. The Vlog below is done on day two of my flu that is sweeping through our flat, but when inspired one must write, or paint, or share thoughts. So I have.

Next blog is on the Law of Jante



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