By Understanding a Weakness, it Becomes a Strength (Lessons from Abroad)

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By Understanding a Weakness, it Becomes a Strength (Lessons from Abroad)

I think that when we can learn about our own weaknesses and actually understand them, they finally become part of our greatest strengths.  There is something noble about “know thyself” as a way of life, as an understanding of the culture around you, and ultimately the universe we are a part of.

Team building is about complimenting each other. Two of me don’t make a great match, that I know. I think when we can honor our faults, and honor our strengths, we are ready to achieve anything. Because when you can humble yourself to say “here is something I don’t know, can  you help me?” you’ve crossed a bridge that pride and ego often don’t let many pass. Or fear of what others may think, or that negative self talk that can run through our own heads saying “but what if you don’t…”


The great minds in the world were often intensely aware of their shortcomings. While Ben Franklin spoke of being frugal as one of the 13 virtues, he privately admitted it’s one he did not have. So, he was eternally grateful his wife did.

Knowing who we are, fully, and completely brings both self love and the chance to find people who compliment your edges.

This is true in governments, businesses, and relationships.

I don’t know of anything in my life that drives me more today than the thought of conversations with my kids in 5 years. I see OUT into the future really well. Some things I do not do well.  Another lesson I hope to impart on my young ones is that we are all eternally unique and extraordinary in some way.


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