Blessings in the Little Things Today Stand Out….

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Blessings in the Little Things Today Stand Out….

Today it’s the little things.  Waking up next to Sunniva is the most comforting feeling I’ve ever experienced. It’s the “knowing” and depth of this connection.  It’s a sense of security and love that defies logic.  When her four year old jumps in the middle of us at 4AM or one of the Afghan hounds it’s an even cozier feeling despite throwing elbows and all that comes with such a tight space.  A sense of completion that helps you fully grasp what matters most in life.

Today I got to do my training run in Fredrikstad after dropping off Gabi at the Steiner school. With 5 weeks and 5 days till the Oslo half marathon I can’t afford to skip any “training” days so it was a blessing to run on a new path.  We popped a bicycle in the back and Sunniva pedaled along beside me as we hit the river in an area that is mesmerizing this time of year with the amount of green you see.  Summers here are mild and wet, which means greens that don’t die out, and colors that never fade.

Afterwards we worked on painting the new stairs her dad helped build and other random chores around the farm before spending that quality few hours with little G before bed time.

It’s these moments, these lessons, that I cherish the most. I’m learning more by having no TV, animals around me, surreal nature out our doorstep, and a 4 year old where we each (Gabi and I) had to overcome a language barrier and had me slowly step into the role of step-dad.  It takes trust, it takes patience, and it takes love.  All things I’m filled with today.

I am grateful for my French press coffee each morning and the time we spend together going through the our daily readers to try our best to start out with a new set of new eyes and inspired outlook. The tone it sets is amazing and we recognize when we skip a day just how important it is.

I look so forward to the last hour of the day with Sunni doing yoga and having green tea, or enjoying a glass of wine to watch one of our favorite videos or brainstorm on this dream of ours.

Laughing so hard it hurts every day is something I rarely go without. I appreciate friendships that deepen over time and love how pliable we must be if growth is a big part of your life.  Man have things changed around me this year, but my God am I grateful in every capacity.

Today I leave you with nothing but hope, inspiration, and belief in dreams.

We have a vision board with sticky notes everywhere and are in the midst of creating a binder with very detailed one year plans/goals/ideas/etc. but the last week we had been talking about finally tweeting celebrities or foundations that had a heart tied to something we believed in OR someone that inspires us.

For my wife, a real dog and horse whisperer, she has wanted to work along side Cesar Millan. Keeping that on our radar this week I wrote it down and was going to commit to emailing and tweeting him twice a week until he responded. What do you have to lose?

She decided last night to tweet him and he tweeted her back instantly.  500,000 followers and she on her first try got tweeted back by her idol, her inspiration…a man doing what she wants to do (and I believe she will do) How cool is that?

Little things I’m learning to cherish along the way are what this dream, my life today is filled to capacity with…reaching a destination isn’t necessarily what it’s about but finding joy in getting there…that’s when this experience called life gets fun.

Perhaps that’s the real dream?


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