Becoming Alive – Telling the Truth (Solgave Consulting VLOG)

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Becoming Alive – Telling the Truth (Solgave Consulting VLOG)

Never forget that two of the greatest things one can ever do is to come alive, and tell the truth. In a one hour Skype interview with a client we will be working besides these words brought goosebumps.

Today walking around Oslo I was processing rational and irrational fears.  Where do fears come from? What makes us come alive?

I can tell you that unhealthy fears paralyze creativity, so does negative self talk, and tons of other things.  Any trauma can and will freeze creativity  because to be in creative flow, is to be free.

I am am artist, a father, a writer, and a human being and when I am at my best, I am free….to be me.


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