Be the Change….

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Be the Change….

Be the change you wish to see in the world today” Gandhi

While disputed by some if he even said this, I am learning about public domain on quotes as the launch of Solgave Clothing will happen by end of year, likely sooner. Quotes have always inspired me and some simple musings are hard to know where it comes from, if you can use it, and by writing original ones how cautious one must be to not overstep copywright grounds.

4 million products today are available with the saying “Be the change’ because the date Gandhi said it was 1909.  The lady who owns a company I am a fan of only uses the 1923 rule for musings to never get in trouble, and to be honest most of the best are far older than that.

Anything pre 1923 as a quote is public domain and can go on shirts, mugs, wall hangings or whatever you want.

After that it’s possible but a slew of things to consider (author’s permission if alive)

“Be the change” is the three words that say so much.
“Know thyself” is possibly even more potent, and my favorite. Sums up my religion, philosophy, and ideology best.

“As above, so below.” Would round out my 3.

Studying Heraclitus this morning and discussing the depth of change (he was said to be the father of change around 500 BC) has me thinking about what my mind was already on.  Change.

Change has over 30 meanings or definitions.

Our theme of the week  for this class just made me smile after my morning readings. The professor asks us about the notion  or at least his idea of change that simply is….”All that is, was…. ” Change is the only thing that is constant in the world. Aging for one helps us know this.

And if any student doesn’t believe or hope to be different in most areas of life we’ve been influenced by (experiences, DNA, environment, etc) than he wants their rationale.

Meaning, who would not aspire or believe we hope to be very different 10 years from now than we are today? Even tomorrow we have hopes to keep growing, changing.  But that takes assessing, and learning from the past.

I suppose one who feels they have the answers to the universe sort of solved, or perhaps just not a mind that even ponders such things might presume they’ll be similar in a year or two.  Who knows….

Dr Ludorf has us think about how many things in our life we have controlled, how many factors around us are influencing us. Can we come up with ten, 100, or even 1000 things that have changed us over the course of a life.

Of course.


But when we accept these 1 million little things in the world today that we can’t change as okay, well not always okay, but as it is, then we allow those extra minutes, or at least the part of our self actualized brain (the aspect that sees yourself form the outside and can recognize where you want to get to, to learn and grow, to see ones potentiality) to focus on what is in our power. Our thoughts, choices, and what that road leads to.

I’ve thought about this stuff since I was ten years old, at least my first memories of observing behavior cognitively and recognizing that I could do so without being directly involved….seemed profound at ten. 😉


This is when I first learned of psychology and by 12 I was hell bent on being a “psychiatrist” not b/c I wanted that many years of school, but I loved the study of our own mind. I sensed that potential was big, both for good and bad and thought that by continuing to learn about how our mind works, could in fact be the calling for me.

Truth is, you can use your mind or spirit or consciousness or energy and effect those around you just by going back to the simplest codes.

“Be the change”

“Know thyself”

Harry Potter touches on it deeply as I read the last part again last night of book 2. Star Wars has a good grip on the Force, the sort of light and dark we can ignite or emit.

I believe we ebb and flow like the seasons and winds, and yet with those flows there are changes that occur within us over time. Profound ones.

And those usually happen so slowly that to look it like a graph (3 month, 1 year, 5 year) is easier to make sense of changes. Again if we only see seasons, or the temporary weather storms, we’d never get a good grip of history.  Take global warming.  One could look at a cold summer, or specific examples and make a naive argument against a long term problem we can’t deny.   The planet is warming.  On it’s own because of cycles, but amplified by our human Impact.

Change. It’s the only constant indeed. And if I ever think I know answers, or as he puts its so well (tied to our recovery work and ethos) believe I can control anything much outside of my own behaviors, thoughts, actions, choices…we are in for a ride of let downs.

I’ll close by using a quote I could not use on a wall art, or a. T shirt design, by JK Rowlings in Harry Potter.

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsimage


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