All I Can do is Be Me

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All I Can do is Be Me

The greatest gift I gave myself this year was the right to be sincere at all times, to live authenticity.  To know that while  you may not be liked by all,  you don’t need to keep up with stories you tell, carry around any guilt that subtly works its way into your consciousness in unhealthy ways when we keep multiple dialogues going on with people about “stuff.” I was a bit of chaos junkie  during most of my life, I think thriving on intensity of relationships more than the authenticity of them  and they bordered on codependent “feeding” types and  were for the most part very  unbalanced.

Item #34 on why life today is more peaceful for me. While not bright and shiny all the time it’s just a slow working away on the stone of spiritual evolution I suppose that comes with work, inner knowing, disciplines in daily life.
Consistent in my thoughts, words, and deeds to the best of my ability. It’s exhausting to keep up with expectations of others if it isn’t aligning with your core……that consistency is …..powerful.

People will, in the end, respect you even if the change stings a bit at first or seems like you created distance. The world admires consistency in the long run…..our thoughts, our words, our deeds.

Item #35 Don’t ever forget the power of #34 because it’s an easy one to let slip.

Back outside. I am on #8 of todays To Do List of 12 things! Forward motion on this Monday!!

“All I can be is me- whoever that is. ”
― Bob Dylan

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