Travel Light

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Travel Light

Lessons from time abroad. You’ll pack too much. Travelling light is a great metaphor for life. We always think we need more than we do to get by. Keep moving, there is a lot to see, and if you stand around long you might miss something. Breathe in the air… You can really “taste” the environment in a big way. If you lose human tracks while trekking through the mountains, never lose your “instinct”; it’s more powerful than we give credit for.

Just because it’s really cold doesn’t mean it feels “cold.” Wet rain and wind in England was way colder than the -10C we woke too today in Sweden… It’s just “different”. No TV stations, newspapers, etc. in 2 months now has had drastic effects on my focus, peace of mind, and ability to “see clearly”… What started as an experiment will likely continue long term. Dialogue has just been healthy with other humans. Not feeding the wrong wolf at all, and mind/body/spirit just leaping off the trampoline… Happy Monday to both sides of the globe. Time for us to get moving… We’ll be off grid rest of day.


(Facebook status from Jared’s first week in Sweden)

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