3:50 AM Thoughts…

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3:50 AM Thoughts…

3:50 AM Thoughts…

Some people wake up in the middle of the night and grab a book to read.  In today’s age, we grab our phone and link up to a variety of social media outlets to see what’s going on with our friends and interests.

With a 4 year old that got us up for a bit tonight and some Astronomy I need to work on, I just started the coffee and said “Lets get this day moving.”

With hurricane Sandy moving in, social media trends are   stuck in my head. I can’t help but reflect on what’s next in the digital age?

I remember how empowering and exciting it was for AOL to first come on the scene and allow “chat rooms” and the ability to replace pen pals with virtual exchanges with people we may or may not know are “real.”

The next evolution was the MySpace era, where we saw customization of personal skins and music that could define a bit of who we are as people clicked on your “space”…the birth of personal branding via social networking happened during this era.

This period eventually gave way to the birth of Facebook and a unique experience defined by a feed, a wall, and powerful algorithms   that today is 1 billion strong. With a growing population that varies from kids to retirees, we find ourselves linked in to every facet of social media.

It’s been an exciting ride hasn’t it?

To be at the age where I got to see it all unfolding in real time is exciting.  I was always curious about what was going to happen next before the “next” hit.

Had high hopes for Diaspora, was a Google Plus advocate pre launch and an uber geek who stayed up well into the night when the first wave of invites was released in what now seems like long ago.

Today we see people like myself involved in self-branding and many companies needing to “reach” target markets with products, services, and blogs via social networking. Beyond that, our social media experience is transcending into the epitome of “brand.”

We are essentially able to carve out, market, and create the brand that is us…or are we? Hmmm, more on that later.

As a person really interested into brand philosophies and its impact on society and the marketplace I have to wonder what – is –next?

I could envision a day where much like satellite radio that people would pay 5$ for an ad free Facebook experience. A company needing to direct cash flow issues and ad revenue a subscriber option just makes sense doesn’t it?

Who is old enough to remember the big satellite dishes of the mid 80’s that sounded like a huge forklift when you would move it from transponder 324 to 657? I am.

All the channels were free! All of them. It was wide-open frenzy until they realized you could have pay movie channels, and subscriber packages, which slowly led to the cable model we see and have adjusted to today.

My point is just that change is the only real constant in our digital life as well as personal.   People often forget how far we’ve come or get so frustrated by the friction that changes means.

Back to the 3:50AM wake up call question on my mind. What – is –next in terms of social media and technological advances, especially in terms of its impact on our daily life in society?

Do we not have to bring it back to full circle?

Don’t we need to shift back to using social networking to create a stronger face-to-face identity? An ability to reach people in the real world that seems to have eroded to a large degree.

The incredible power of social networking is truly the “atom” metaphor where we see an ability to create tremendous clean energy or destroy the world.

One powerful example is its ability to expand real news by allowing us to bypass medias corporate controlled machine is a good thing in my opinion. Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast as we speak is a great example of people getting news from Twitter and Facebook with up to the second pictures, videos, and updates of what is happening on the ground in real time.

We are SO CONNECTED to information and happenings around the world yet   you rarely can get a date with your husband or wife, a moment with that teenage kid and the phone not be interference.

Where and how do we shift the next 5-10 years with our social media boundaries, or perhaps better than boundary is evolution?

We have to merge responsible social relationships and technology in new ways. We have to be aware of the illusion and embrace the solutions.

On the best side of the coin I get to find out what community events are happening for me and my family, when the farmer’s market opens up that day, weather up to the minute, pictures of my nephew across the ocean, and in my case a chance to find and meet my soul mate.  Powerful, eh?

On the down side we see more accidents in the home with infants because caretakers are on their phone. Texting while driving is an epidemic, and finding quality time with your husband, wife, or teenager is getting tough. They can unplug from you in powerful ways by ‘connecting’ to the illusion, solutions, and confusion via social networking.

Where does the answer lie? We’ll likely see more mandates on laws with driving and using phones for our own safety but what about the time out with your kids and wife?

My wife put up the most popular Facebook photo I’ve seen shared in awhile recently. A George Carlin quote that says, “If you aren’t your children’s role model you are both fucked.”

This heavily defines the future of our real life world and social media simple, but powerfully true thought. If you are not guiding your children and those around you in the right direction, then we’re really the only ones to blame.

Illusion, confusion, and solutions.  Social networking can be a bit everything and we seek what we find.  Illusions, confusion, and solutions….

My hope as I stride into the 5AM hour and finish my French press of coffee is that society wants more interactions and quality over quantity with their social media experience. It’s not going away, but it’s going to evolve. It always has and always will.

I want a more comprehensive way for my children to meet up with other like-minded kids for activities that get them outside.  That get them doing unique things.   I want a more streamlined and fun way to meet other adults at coffee shops to study a book we share in common. I want to find groups where once a month we watch a movie and meet up afterwards to discuss it’s content.  I want my cooking groups on Facebook to do more real life experiences together with our culinary challenges.

I want my real world to be enhanced and add more solutions than confusion, and you know what? I think it will…

2020 is creeping up and I’ll have a 7 year old, and an 11 yr old stepdaughter for sure.  Social networking with build bridges for my family to others, it will help evolve ideas, and exchange information but in a more personal way.

If you can imagine how far we’ve come from AOL and dial up internet to Skype sessions with friends, Facebook, Twitter, and more on the go with our mobile smart phones…imagine if you will the same rate of evolution and look into the future 8 years.

What do you want? Because that’s exactly what we’ll get.

Steer away from illusions and confusion and think of innovative solutions.  You can’t suppress this technological wave, but we can harness it for the good. Just like the atom………

On that note, the sun is almost up and my IPhone is showing 23 notifications.

Gotta run….

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  1. Jared, this needs to get picked up by a larger media outlet. Hmmm, lemme see what I can do…

    • Thank you Marta! I saw the tweets to CNN, Huffington Post, etc! Appreciate your comments and great support to the Solgave vision since day one! You are a source of driving inspiration and find most of your own source by driving others. A true role model. Blessed to know you…

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