25 Miles of Trail Time – Pet Sits – Thoughts on Life

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25 Miles of Trail Time – Pet Sits – Thoughts on Life


Sunday was the first day that I set out with intention to do what I had wanted to do for months, if not NOT YEARS.


Not just ride the trail system that has been developed since I started riding in the early 2000’s but to live on my bike for a period of 3 months as I decide what country and where I head before cementing a new career/ car/ practical stuff.


So as I try to do with everything in my life, I see it as a grand experiment.  Learn about No Impact, something our company and me personally does care about …but is very easy to talk the talk and not walk the walk.


So I got a perfect commuter bike designed for these trails and slowly, I am getting older, I’ve rode a bit more each week to get closer to the point I can “have fun” and really do what intended to do with this bike.


Heat and being out of shape were early obstacles, but they are lifting.


Yesterday I had an early pet sit in the Historic District so I knew if I could grab my pack pack, load up a good song list I could make it at least 12 miles to Lake Fayetteville (ending up doing that 6-mile loop as well) and then head home.



My ideas were rich, and plentiful and yet they were nothing.  Paradox, eh?  A bit of Buddhism there.


For our animal care, I had visions of a membership or subscription model to simplify packages and make a new paradigm as I prepare to gift and get our own company at it’s peak before handing it off to a yet to be hired hungry entrepreneur.


That’s something that feels right, it’s hard to place value on service businesses and I’m in a space to where paying it forward is what I enjoy doing. Teach all you know, and wish those you have had the joy to work with further success.



I was never here to be a pet sitter, but I found creating brands, changing the way animal care and community involvement was done not just regionally, but on a broader scale is something I’m really proud of.


My half way point was the Botanical Gardens as the Fayetteville Loop proved a great turn around loop.


On my way home I stopped at the Walmart on the trail to get a 6-inch sub, charge my phone, hydrate, and realize how powerful the place of “no thought” can really be.


The highlight of my day was seeing a guy at Wilson Park hitting shot after shot. Perfect form, swoosh after swoosh. But it was the little boy (look close) that got me.  Dad and son out there together on this perfect day. That seemed to embody what life is about and I love capturing these moments.



The ride wiped me out. By the final pet sit at 5 (was home by 12:30 and had covered my 25 miles with my pack I wear with some books, a candy bar, gear for a flat, etc.) I was moving slow but remembering why I love training and why, for now, with a broken ankle in 09 that is still not right I need to just keep pedaling.


If you have questions about this trail, please google appropriate contacts and I’ll put links I can find to help you see how the Greenway Expansions has changed the script again.


We’ll see businesses, bed and breakfasts and commerce drift to these trails.  Yep, that is mad cool…. this is progressive vision at its best.


Once it was interstate driven, shopping malls, then back to downtown and now the trail system, much like I got used to in Europe is becoming not just a place of health but a place to get from Point A to Point B and that is a win for us, a win for the community, a win for planet Earth.


One day, one ride at a time, because for me …. riding and nature and spirit and growth and recovery and balance are all so…. TIED TOGETHER.

Ride on……

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